About Cassie


Hi there!

 I'm Cassie, the mama behind @camara.crew & this blog! Thank you so much for checking out my page. My hope is that you are able to relate to at least one part of my blog post(s) and at some point feel comfortable enough to share your experience and story in the comments.

I truly believe that through sharing and collaboration we can create something beautiful! Here is a little bit more about me! I am 28 years old and a mama to 3 beautiful children; Lily, Mason & Violet. I also married my real estate agent, Chris. Together we make The Camara Crew!

One thing I promise is to always be 100% honest with you! My life is far from perfect. I am not afraid to admit my fault, while sharing my failures, successes and stories. My life is chaotic and un-predictable. I choose to embrace the chaos, to expect the unexpected and laugh through it all.